Warranty & Return Policy


The Frylow product or any product or device bearing the Frylow logo is sold by authorized Frylow dealers only.

Any Frylow product purchased or procured from any source other then the authorized dealer for your area will not enjoy the benefits of this or any warranty issued by any party. It will not be recognized by the manufacturer as a legitimately purchased product, making it ineligible for any type of maintenance service. Further, such out-of-territory transactions could be subject to litigation by territorial dealerships. It is therefore important that you fill out the warranty form provided and send it to the address of the Frylow dealer whose address is stamped below. Please retain one copy for your records.

Frylow Instructions and Warranty

Please read the following instructions carefully before installation.


First, you must check the temperature of your hot oil with a Candy/Jelly Deep-Fry gauge or a thermometer to note the current cooking temperature. Do this before installing the Frylow. After you have accurately checked and confirmed this temperature make a note of it. Now you are ready to proceed. Before installing the Frylow into the fryer you must first turn down the temperature. For example if your check showed that you were cooking at 375 F or 190 C you should turn it down to between 340-350 F or 170-177 C. If you are already cooking at these low temperatures, then you should turn the temperature down further – between 325 F to 330 F or 162 to 165 Celsius. The Frylow can now be installed at the front, back, side or in between the burners of the deep fryer. Just ensure that the unit does not interfere with the cooking baskets or electrical heating elements before securing the unit. Units with removable arms and brackets see installation instructions on reverse.


Simply remove the Frylow from the deep fryer when oil is at room temperature and rinse under very hot water for 2 minutes. This is required to remove any cooking particles that may have been lodged in the unit to ensure optimum performance. Once unit is clean, let it drip dry for a few minutes before reinstallation, this is to avoid spattering that may occur if installing directly into hot oil. If necessary use paper towels to dry any excess water that may still be dripping. If installing in oil that is room temperature or cool to the touch, ensure the unit is still dry. Cleaning your Frylow will remove caked oil residue and food particles. Regular cleaning as described herein is required to ensure optimum performance and longevity. We also recommend you put the Frylow in a pot of boiling water twice a month for about 5 minutes until all the excess oil rises to the top from the unit. The Frylow may also be washed in a dishwasher with hot water. Use organic, environmental friendly soaps or detergents. Do not use chemical, soap or detergents. A soft bristle brush may be used for light scrubbing of the slabs. Do not scrub the Frylow slabs with an abrasive steel brush or hard bristle brush.


Replacement of Frylow or repair will only be honored in the following cases:
The Frylow has a (5) Five year limited warranty. The Frylow is guaranteed to withstand high temperatures without the stainless steel casing or slabs deteriorating. Proper cleaning and maintenance is required. If the slabs deteriorates or stainless steel casing corrodes to the degree as to inhibit operation within the 5 years the manufacturer will first assess the unit for any misuse or tampering to determine whether or not repair or replacement is warranted. In the unlikely case your Frylow has encountered any of the above noted problems please send the unit along with PURCHASER WARRANTY DOCUMENT to the following address for pre- inspection and possible repair or replacement:

EJPT Co.,Ltd
4-23 Mariko Serigaya-cho Suruga-ku
Shizuoka, Japan 421-0104

Shipping and handling are the responsibilities of the client. Allow 6-8 weeks.  You may also wish to contact your Frylow Authorized Dealer and seek their assistance in any issues you may encounter.


Frylow will start producing results within minutes. You must ensure that the temperature is turned down to a desired cooking temperature, approximately 10-40 degrees Fahrenheit lower than usual. After the temperature is reduced try frying some food in the oil with the Frylow. The food will come out crispier and lighter in color. Note: It is not the color of the oil that determines changing; it is the color, texture and taste of the food.

Thank you for choosing to buy the Frylow.
NOTE: The following is an example of the warranty documents that come with each Frylow unit. For more information on the benefits or to order additional Frylows please visit us at: FRYLOW.ONLINE


Sample Warranty Card:

Please be sure to fill out the forms (See Example Below) below and give them to your authorized Frylow dealer at time of purchase.


DEALER COPY ; To be submitted to authorized dealer

Frylow UNIT NO. 032112345678 Model:

Purchased on: Month________ Day________ Year_________

Purchaser (Customer or Business name): ______________________________________________

City:________________________State/Province:________________ _Country:_____________
Postal code:____________ Zip Code____________________

Authorized Frylow Dealer : _______________________________________________________

PURCHASER WARRANTY DOCUMENT : Retain for your records

Frylow UNIT NO. 032112345678 Model:

Purchased on: Month________ Day________ Year_________

Purchaser (Customer or Business name):_______________________________________________

City:________________________State/Province:________________ _Country:_____________
Postal code:____________ Zip Code_____________________

Authorized Frylow Dealer : _________________________________________________________

Returns: If you’re not satisfied with your savings within the first 30 days, we will refund your money.

If, within 30 days of receiving your Frylow equipment, you notify us in writing (email is fine) that you are not satisfied with the savings your Frylow equipment is providing, we will refund your money.   You must complete and sign a Refund Request Form, and return it – together with the Frylow equipment you purchased – in the original box, with the warranty card and instructions, to us at:

International Health Products LLC
2825 W. Avenue L
Lancaster, CA 93536

Within 30 days of receipt of a duly completed cancellation form, return of the Frylow equipment, and satisfactory identification evidence (matching the registered user information held on our website database), we will authorize a refund of the full amount paid for your Frylow equipment (not including shipping, finance, and other charges).

In order to avoid abuse, this guarantee is subject to the following limitation: the rights under this guarantee may only be exercised by a customer in relation to one purchase in each calendar year.

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