Instant Oil Savings

Installing Frylow gets you Instant Savings

After installing Frylow you get instant savings the next time you order oil from your supplier.  Because Frylow extends the life of your fryer oil, and the food absorbs less oil with Frylow you won’t have to do as much “top up”.

With Frylow, you can expect:

  • 50% less oil costs
    • Less “top-up” because food is absorbing less oil when cooking
    • increases oil life up to 100% and more in some cases
  • 30% less deep fryer electricity or gas costs
    • Frylow operates at 340 degrees vs. 365 degrees which is typical for restaurants
  • Fries food up to 30% faster
    • Oil has a lighter viscosity and fries food from inside
    • Food also absorbs less of the oil
  • Less labor and work
    • Extending your oil life will mean less emptying & cleaning


Frylow offers flexible purchase and rental plans!

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