Frylow Saves Money

Here’s how Frylow will save your restaurant money

There are many benefits to using Frylow.  Saving money is only one.

Longer Oil Usage

Through Frylow’s revolutionary catalytic technology the oxidation process is reduced and dramatically increases the lifespan of cooking oils. The Frylow is the perfect solution to the rising costs of deep-frying oil. It is highly cost-effective and very low maintenance.  Frylow has been proven to extend the frying oil life by up to 100% or more.  

Reduced Utility Costs

The Frylow technology enables food to be cooked at lower temperatures and faster cooking times. This results in reduced gas or electricity costs.  The Frylow requires no electricity and is simple to install.   The recommended temperature for Cooking with the Frylow is 340 degrees F.   Every degree under your current cooking temperature is money in your pocket.

Less Cleaning & Labor

With longer oil life, you have to empty and clean your deep fryer less.  Cleaning the Frylow requires a quick rinse under hot running tap water when your oil is filtered, and 10 minutes in boiling water every two weeks.   This means a lot less work for your kitchen staff.  

You’ll see savings immediately after installing Frylow.



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