Frylow for Owners

Call today and start saving tomorrow with Frylow.

As an owner of a restaurant, every dollar is precious. Your life is constantly filled with trying to maintain or increase the level of quality and service. Doing things quicker, faster and cheaper because every dollar saved is another dollar in your back pocket, or another dollar spent to make your business nicer, your food tastier and your service better.

That’s where Frylow comes in. Without sacrificing flavor, or taking on extra work, introducing the Frylow into each of your fryers will literally cut your oil usage by up to half or better. Guaranteed.

Frylow is a technological breakthrough in oil restoration. Invented in Japan, and created from long lasting titanium, platinum and specially patented food safe ceramic squares, Frylow is like an anti-oxidant for oil. Immediately upon introducing the Frylow into your fryer, it goes to work, utilizing a photo-catalytic technology to condition, restore and extend your oil life. Frylow does all this, while also providing healthier, lower fat, and better-tasting food.

Invented in Japan, and used around the world, in the United States, Canada, and Europe for over a decade, each unit comes with a money back guarantee and a 5-year warranty.

So whether you buy or rent, an investment into Frylow is a win-win for everyone. As a restaurant owner, you will immediately save up to 50% or more on your oil costs, your staff only needs to change the oil half of as much, and because the oil is fresher and conditioned, your food tastes better, looks better and has up to 30% less fat.

Frylow offers you low cost, great taste, huge savings.

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