Frylow for Chefs & Cooks

With Frylow, it’s a win-win for everybody!

As the head chef, your responsibility is to create good food, deliver it hot and fresh and with a level of taste and flavor that makes your customers come back for more.

Introducing the Frylow. a unique oil extension system that can more than double the life of your frying oil, cut the temperature needed and time to cook by up to 10%, all while giving you a better, fresher flavor. All this without increasing your workload!

Want to cook your fish and your chicken and your fries in the same deep fat fryer without the flavors crossing over to the next dish? You can do it with a Frylow and your food will still come out tasting amazing and with up to 40% less oil penetration!

How does Frylow do it? Invented in Japan, the Frylow is made of a titanium and platinum set of ceramic discs, encased in a stainless steel cage. This patented technology immediately begins restoring and reconditioning your frying oil.

Utilizing a photocatalytic technology, the Frylow is not a filter or chemical additive. it acts upon your cooking oil at the molecular level and slows down the oil’s oxidation. This increases the oil’s thermal conductivity and decreases oil absorption into your deep-fried foods.

Put plainly: with Frylow in your deep fat fryers, you will get up to 100% or more oil life extension, you’ll be able to cut the cooking temperature by 10%, and most importantly, your food will cook faster, taste better and have up to 40% less oil penetration.

It is even low maintenance. The only thing you need to do is rinse it off regularly. Installation is even easier.

Check out the Frylow today! Every Frylow comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and has a 5-years warranty. Whether you buy or rent the Frylow, you can’t lose!

Pick up the Frylow for your kitchen and start saving today.

The Frylow: low cost, great taste, huge savings!

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