Frylow Case Studies

Frylow is proven in restaurants large and small

Here are some examples of the experiences our customers have had.

Small Restaurant

Before Frylow

The restaurant has a single Pitco 35lb deep fryer.   They filtered the oil every day, and changed the oil twice a week.  They pay an average of $23 per jug/pail of oil. So Twice each week, they would empty the oil completely for fresh oil.

With Frylow

Utilizing a single Large Frylow FL25, the restaurant went from changing the oil twice a week, to changing every 2 weeks!  The kitchen staff was relieved they didn’t have to do all that extra work!  The regular customers noticed a difference in the higher quality of the food immediately, and asked the owner what the secret was.  The owner loves that he is saving over $303 per month.

3 Restaurant Chain

Before Frylow

A medium sized restaurant with 3 locations.  Each location utilizes a Henny Penny, 3 bank, 65lb deep fryer with filtration.  Because of the high volume of fried foods they serve, they change the oil on their units every second day, and sometimes daily with a wing-special.  They pay an average of $21 per jug/pail of oil.    They estimate they spend an average of 2 hours to empty, clean, and fill their units at each location.

With Frylow

Buying 3 x Frylow FL25 units for each restaurant location, they were able to increase the lifespan of their oil by 40-55%.  Their savings depended heavily on how often they ran the wing-specials!   This meant an average savings of $834 per month at each location, for a total net savings of over $2502 every month!

Large Restaurant Group

Before Frylow

With over 4,000 locations around the world, and a brand people have come to trust, this group couldn’t risk anything!   With pressure to provide the best quality and consistent tasting food at every location, coupled with the constant desire to cut costs, they turned to Frylow to see if Frylow could help meet their goals.

With Frylow

The group chose to run a small test campaign to see if Frylow altered the taste consistency of their food, and to carefully analyze what the impact of a larger scale deployment would have on oil-purchase, labor, and energy savings.  After an initial trial run in 10 locations, and a second trial run in a larger regional district, they were convinced the Frylow system should be deployed.  The estimated savings could run into 8 figures.

What will Frylow do for you?

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