Frequently Asked Questions

What is Frylow?

The Frylow is a hardware device, using oil extending photo-catalytic ceramics.  The Frylow can be used in all deep fryers. Using a patented technology invented in Japan, the Frylow conditions and extends the fry oil‘s lifespan by up to 100% or more, and provides a longer period between oil change cycles.

The Frylow is the perfect solution for restaurant owners and chefs to save on the ever rising costs of deep frying oil. The Frylow requires no electricity and is simple to install. It is highly cost effective and very low maintenance.

The powerful synergy of Frylow and its ability to save you tremendously on oil costs is unrivaled. Upon installing the Frylow you will see immediate results.

How does Frylow work?

Frylow’s photo catalytic technology acts upon your cooking oil at the molecular level to slow down the oil’s oxidation process, increase the oil’s thermal conductivity and decreases oil absorption into your deep fried food.  

As oil is used, the oil molecules bond together, thickening the oil and increasing oxidation. Frylow’s patented technology safely breaks these bonds and slows the oxidation, lowering the oil viscosity. This ‘thinner’ oil is more thermally efficient, and transfers more heat from the oil to the food.

Frylow also works to negatively charge the oil to match the natural charge of the food you are cooking. This allows the oil and food to repel each other, reducing oil absorption into the food, resulting in a lighter, healthier, crispier deep fried product.

How much will I save using Frylow?

Our clients save up to 50% per month on oil costs alone.  Many customers experience savings greater than 50%. Because you are changing oil less often you have less labor cost.  Also, Frylow cooks food faster at a lower temperature, so you should see a savings on your electric bill and labor as well.

Can I use the Frylow in my <Model> deep-fryer?

Yes!  Frylow will work in all deep fryers.  This includes gas, electric, and both restaurant and consumer grade equipment.  From small (single pot) to large multi-pot industrial fryers, the Frylow is sized to work!  You just need to select the Frylow based on the size of the Fryer you use (large Frylow units are for fryers between 35 and 70 LB and small Frylow units for fryers under 35 LB ).

Will the Frylow alter the taste of the food?

The only change to food taste is for the better.  The quality and positive aspects of the deep-fried food you cook will improve using Frylow.  Food cooked in a deep fryer using Frylow has been scientifically proven to be healthier, crispier and better tasting!   One of the world’s leading independent organizations, The Master Chef’s Institute, has carefully reviewed and tested Frylow cooked foods, and agrees. 

Is Frylow food safe?

Yes!  Frylow is perfectly safe for food.  In fact, we have had the Frylow tested by the leading certification and standards authorities, and they have confirmed that Frylow does not contain any toxic substances, it isn’t a filter or a chemical and it contains no bleaching agent or additives.

Is Frylow NSF certified?

Yes!  Frylow has been reviewed and approved by NSF.  You can read more about that on our Certification page.

Should I rent or buy the Frylow? 

We recommend that business owners consult their financial advisor for the best solution for them.  Frylow Online offers small and medium business owners an affordable way to get and use the Frylow system through our competitive rental program.  However, if you want to buy the units and own them outright, and counting on a short term Return on Investment realization (ROI), we understand and offer that as well.  We can guarantee that you will save money using the Frylow system.

Why should I rent the Frylow? 

We understand that small and medium sized business owners are always looking to maximize cash flow.  To assist with this, we are offering an exclusive rental program that enables owners to get the benefits of the Frylow system with a low introductory fee ($150), and a monthly rental.   This has some distinct advantages that you should discuss with your financial adviser or accountant, such as the ability to write off the cost of renting the equipment.

Why should I buy the Frylow? 

We recommend buying the Frylow system to owners that would want to take advantage of the Return on Investment (ROI) of the units and amortize their value.  The Return on Investment (ROI) of the Frylow system is generally between 4-7 months, and some units have been in use for over 10 years, and continue to work as effectively as new!

Can I see your lab certifications & results? 

Sure!  Please visit our Certifications page to learn more about the quality and results the Frylow has been proven to provide


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