Equipment Rental Agreement

We are responsible for any damage in shipping to you. Then you are responsible for any damage until the Frylows arrive safely back to us. If Frylows arrive to you damaged, you must take photos of the Frylows and packaging and notify us immediately. We must do the same on Frylows returned to us damaged. The Frylows remain our property at all times. You may only use and store the Frylows at the ship-to address unless you get our written permission. We and our agent(s) have the right to inspect the Frylows upon request at your place of business during your normal business hours. You must promptly notify us of any changes in your credit card information or validity and provide valid credit card information. We have the right to invoice you and receive immediate payment if we are unable to run your credit card for any payments due. Both parties have the right to cancel this Agreement at any time for any reason; this requires you to immediately return the Frylows. Any dispute will be resolved by binding arbitration using the laws of California.

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