Cook Healthier Food

Frylow is proven to lower oil fat in fried foods.

Who doesn’t enjoy a plate of home-cooked french fries or calamari?  Restaurant customers are increasingly looking for healthier options when going out to eat.  With Frylow the food you cook will absorb less oil and offer a better overall taste.

The Frylow patented technology works to lower the oil absorption in foods you deep fry.   The food cooked with Frylow technology is lighter, crisper and healthier overall. We have independently verified these results with third-party organizations and scientifically proven that Frylow can reduce calories by up to 30% or more.

The food you cook will  be fresher.

Reducing costs is important for restaurant owners, but so is serving the highest quality, best-tasting product.   Frylow is working successfully with many of the largest food chains in the world and is a secret of small to large chefs and restaurant owners alike.

Owners and Chefs always love using Frylow.

Most owners and chefs are skeptical of Frylow’s  claims.  Even with the many testimonials and well established presence in the market, some owners and chefs are unsure about investing in the Frylow system.  But like many restaurants, once they try the Frylow system, they see a dramatic reduction in fry oil consumption, and find upwards of 6 figure savings. Additionally they have benefited from higher food quality. Restaurant owners and chefs use significantly less oil while cooking a much healthier product.  The fried food stays crispier longer with better, more appealing golden color.

Customers agree: the food tastes better.

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