About the Affiliates Program

Affiliate Referral Program

Earn 5% for every purchase you refer!

Frylow is one of the most innovative technology advancements in food science yet.  It practically sells itself.  But we need to get the word out to restaurant owners, chefs, and cooks around the world!  So when you recommend Frylow as the best oil savings solution for restaurant owner, chefs, and cooks, they won’t be the only ones thanking you, we want to thank you as well, with cold-hard-cash!

To show our appreciation, we pay 5% for every one of your referral purchases.  That’s right – 5% in your pocket, for each and every one of your referral purchases at Frylow.Online, with no limit.  It’s that easy. The average purchase by a restaurant owner is over $3,000, so you’d make over $150!

The best part? There are no limits to the amount of commissions you can earn!

This program is perfect if you’re:

  • A friend of a restaurant owner, chef, or cook
  • You’ve worked in a position related to the restaurant industry
  • A blogger or other publication with an audience that works in food service

How it works…

  1. Apply & get approved as an Affiliate
  2. Recommend Frylow by sharing your affiliate URL that we provide you
  3. We track and record every single one of your customer referrals and purchases
  4. When your customer purchases we send you a payment within 30 days!
  5. We pay you directly by Check or PayPal

If you’re interested in joining the Frylow Affiliate Program, please:

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