About Frylow

For use in all deep fat fryers

The Frylow is a ceramic device infused with platinum, titanium and 7 other ingredients. Frylow utilizes photo-catalytic food-safe technology to condition and extend your deep fryer oil life by up to 100% or more. This provides a longer life period between oil change cycles, and reduces the fat absorption of the cooked foods. That means saved money and better quality food.
    This is frylow

    It goes directly into any restaurant deep fryer to condition your oil, and provide instant cost savings

    This is frylow
    Using proven and safe technology developed in Japan, it provides instant savings
    Frylow is Certified

    We have scientifically proven that Frylow will work for you and your restaurant.

    Frylow is Certified
    We have had the worlds leading organizations review and confirm our claims
    Cook healthier, tastier food

    Cook at a lower temp, with less time, and produce better quality foods with your deep fryer

    Cook healthier, tastier food
    Frylow has been proven to reduce oil abosorbed by food, and customers prefer the taste
    Trusted by top restaurants

    Find out what the secret ingredient that chefs and owners have trusted all this time and try the Frylow today

    Trusted by top restaurants
    Frylow has been working for some of the worlds top restaurants for over 15 years
See the Frylow in Action
Everything you need to know about the Frylow

Some of the advantages to using Frylow

Instant Savings

With Frylow, you start to save money on oil costs, labor and power the moment you start using it.

Easy to use

Frylow installs in any restaurant deep fryer in just a few easy steps. Easy to use, and easy to maintain.

Certified & Trusted

Frylow has been tested by experts and food safe organizations around the world, and they all trust it.


We believe in Frylow 100% so we offer all our customers a full money back guarantee.
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